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Suburban House

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The need for quality housing has been exacerbated by COVID and rising housing costs.  Never have so many demographics faced housing insecurity at today's current rate.  Recovery Housing, homelessness, foster adults who have aged out, victims of domestic violence,  veterans, or those coming out of the correctional system all face housing insecurity.  With your assistance, given a little time and a chance, they can and do turn their lives around.

LifeHouse Foundation has redesigned the Model for recovery housing, placing residents in suburban, well-appointed middle-class homes, and treating them with dignity and respect. LifeHouse Foundation meets a critical need with transitional housing by permitting medically assisted treatment.  We support those in the process of rebuilding their lives by meeting their most immediate needs. LifeHouse Foundation provides the most important element to success: stable, safe housing and a tight knit, accepting family within.

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