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LifeHouse Foundations Policy surrounding relapse:

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

LifeHouse runs a clean and sober facility. This comes with house rules and a house manager to ensure that they are followed. The house manager is the first point of contact for both the house residents and the greater community. In this way, we can be very responsive to specific concerns and quickly address them.

Our house rules include items:

1. Structure for our residents requires:

A. Honesty and Integrity

B. Curfew

C. Work with house members on assigned chores.

D. Personal rooms must be tidy – beds made.

E. They hold a job or be enrolled in educational classes

2. Behavior in the greater community

A. Our residents are not permitted to use profanity in public

B. Our residents are not allowed to smoke in front of the house or approach it.

3. Drug and Alcohol Policy

A. Cannot possess or use any substance not prescribed by a doctor

B. Testing will be conducted

C. Use of banned substance will result in removal – from a family member or a detox facility. We will relocate them, not turn them out the door and leave them to their own devices.

Our Drug and Alcohol Policy is important, and I want to flush out exactly what this entails. Should a resident be suspected of using a banned substance, an immediate test is conducted. If the test fails, the resident is not permitted to enter the home. This protects fellow residents from potentially endangering their recovery journeys. The resident’s family will be contacted if they are local and asked if they can receive him. Regardless, the resident will be driven by LifeHouse Staff to a detox facility or to family. They will not be permitted to return to our home until they have fully detoxed and via interviews have convinced the staff that they are prepared to renew their commitment. We will NOT turn them out with all their belongings in 15 minutes as is the standard in many recovery homes. We approach our clients with grace and compassion, yet not ignorance or gullibility. Repeat offenses will not be tolerated and the resident will be asked to find alternative accommodation. Rules are the foundation of our process and will be enforced.

It is important to remember that our clients are motivated. Especially those who have been correctionally involved. Failure to meet the terms of their release means they are faced with not only a return to confinement, but future earned release will not be permitted. This serves as a powerful motivator to uphold the terms of their placement and comply with the rules they have agreed to in writing.

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