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Our Vision

To help thousands of those most in need.  That is what it comes down to.  We have adopted a proven model that has shown unprecedented success and are implementing it in the small town of Lynden, WA.  

Through this, we will serve hundreds of people over the next ten years, bring them hope where they have none, restore self-worth where it has been stripped away, and see those we serve restored to relationships, returned to employment and able to dream again.

We operate in the beautiful community of Lynden WA.  Our homes are specifically located in nice neighborhoods, well located to meet the needs of those we serve - close to transportation, shopping and job opportunities.  We are respectful of the community around us.  House rules, live in house managers, a Code of Conduct and the requirements of the Genesis Process (a recovery program) all serve to reinforce and align behavior expectations with those expected of neighbors.  While we do not seek to have zero impact on our community, we expect that impact to be positive, appreciated and additive.  A "give back" attitude is a part of the recovery program.  Our residents will look for opportunities to contribute to the neighborhood as a whole, to neighbors with specific needs and to the greater community where opportunity presents itself.



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